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About Us

Trees & Plants are the lifelines and the green surroundings give us tranquility, happiness & inner peace. In the last few decades, progressively natural environment has been exploited and the outcome is global warming being faced today. Time has come for us to collectively put efforts, small or big, to change this trend.

nurserybuy is an effort to encourage people to love and care for plants, get closer to nature and help increase the green cover to re-balance our environment.

those who are willing to combine new ideas and products with classic favorites. Our customers range from some of the most experienced horticulturists in the country, to those who simply want to add a little color to their life, and everyone in between.

This portal has been conceptualized by a group of plant lovers to offer end to end solution for gardening, which is both an art & science of growing and cultivating plants.  It would be our constant endeavor to improve this site with active participation, help and suggestions from the experts, visitors & plant lovers.

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At Nurserybuy, we recognize that many of our customers are accustomed to receiving glossy product catalogs. For cost, environmental and logistical reasons, we choose not to fill your mailbox with yet another catalog. Instead, we rely upon the ability of our website to deliver all the required information to both learn about and purchase your gardening needs. Offering our products online allows us to keep our inventory current and we can always quickly react to new products or special promotions. This allows for a cost savings that we are happy to pass along to you. Our prices are consistently some of the lowest you will find for the high-quality products we sell.

We are working hard with passion day by day to deliver best gardening items to you.

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What we really do?

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To be a world-class organization by enhancing value for Environment         

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