Bottle Palm with Trunk - Plant

Bottle Palm with Trunk - Plant

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His leaves look very much the same as ones in the “normal” variety, but he gets his name from the-sort of-bottle shape of his trunk. 

Many are used in and plantations for harvesting the fruits they produce.There are multiple purposes indoors and outdoors.Most require the heat but there are a couple of varieties that have adapted to colder temperatures.With palm trees every leaf that falls or is removed leaves a mark in the shape of a circle or semi circle. Trees (like the royal or bottle palm) with a crownshaft leave a ring all the way around.

Common nameFlower coloursBloom timeHeightDifficulty
palmiste gargoulette--12-15 ft tall, 6-8 ft wide if planted in soil- easily pottedeasiest to grow

Planting and care

Place him in a space with a lot of direct sunlight. The more the better.

full sun- part sunwell drained soilBottles are fairly drought-tolerant once established, though a regular watering keeps them looking their best.minimum temp 34°Fbottle palm tree care is to fertilize is with a water soluble plant food.Use a palm fertilizer with minerals, specifically for them. These are the minerals that they really need, not the ones from the city,ground or rain water.

Caring for Bottle Palm with Trunk

    place the barrel under a roof gutter down spout and collect quicker.Its best if you have a container of water sitting out for at least 24 hrs before using to water any plants.The roots should never be sitting in water

Typical uses of Bottle Palm with Trunk

Special features:

Culinary use: form of paper made, providing shade for you on a hot Caribbean beach.

Ornamental use: They do make great potted palms because of their slow growth, small root ball, easy care and overall appealing appearance. Landscape uses for bottle palmspecimen for small to large garden beds in the center of a circular drive lining a drive or walk at the entry - as long as there s enough space for fronds to spread out in the poolcage planter as a container plant for a sunny patio

Medicinal use: Plantations for oil production.

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