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Agave potatorum ‘Shoji-Raijin’

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Agave potatorum ‘Shoji-Raijin’ is a very rare variety of century plant that is also known as white centered-thunder queen is an individual rosettes of powder-gray-blue ovate leaves that narrow towards the base and are at their widest near the tip. It produces pups from the leaf axils instead of via underground runners.

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Height: 2 inch to 3 inch  2 3 clumbs per pot.

Pot size: Grown in 4 inch plastic Pot.

Dispatch Details: Plants will be shipped barerooted.

Repotting: Repot the received plant in 5 to 6 inch pot with good soil media.

Soil Media: 50 % Potting Soil + 20 % Cocopit + 20 % Organic Manure / Vermicompost + 5 % charcoal chips + 5 % perlite.

Watering: Only after Soil dries completely .

Placement: In medium to high indirect sunlight  with Good natural Air Circulation.

Sunlight: Morning Or Evening Sunlight.

Note: Do not keep inside house where there is no indirect sunlight.


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