Medillina Coccinea (Var. Gregori Hambali)

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Medinilla Coccinea (Var. Gregori Hambali)  is a rare and unusual tropical plant that is grown for the wonderful foliage, deeply veined, a felted green upper side and a muted red on the underside. Other then this it has pink flowers that will form along the stem beneath the foliage.


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Height: 4  inch to 6 inch alike in photo as per Production.

Pot size: Grown in 5 inch plastic Pot.

Dispatch Details: Plants will be shipped as it is with 5 inch pot.

Important Note: Keep this plant warm over winter. This plant excretes sugar through its leaves that will turn black over time. This is a normal function and nothing to worry about.

Repotting: Repot the received plant in 5;to 9 inch pot with good soil media.

Soil Media: 50 % Potting Soil + 20 % Cocopit + 20 % Organic Manure / Vermicompost + 5 % charcoal chips + 5 % perlite.

Watering: Only after Soil dries completely as this plants loves soil/cocopit dry after every interval of watering.

Placement: In Partly Shade, warm and humid place with natural air circulation

Sunlight: Indirect Sunlight.


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