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Peperomia Scandens ‘Variegata’ in Hanging Basket

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Peperomia scandens ‘Variegata’ have heart-shaped light green leaves edged in white,yellow or creamy gold. Also popular as Variegated  Cupid Peperomia grows beautifully if the soil is kept moist in a hanging planter.

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Height: 10-inch ft to 12 inch bushier as shown in image.

Pot size: Grown in 7  inch plastic Hanging Basket.

Dispatch Details: Plants will be shipped in poly bag with soil to roots.

Repotting: Repot the received plant in 8 to 10-inch pot with good soil media.

Soil Media: 30% Potting Soil + 35% cocopit + 25% Organic manure/Vermicompost + 5% charcoal chips + 5% perlite.

Watering: Only after Soil dries completely.

Placement: Indoor in medium to low light with Good natural Air Circulation/Ventilation.

Sunlight: No direct Sunlight

For More Details and Caring go to the link below:

How To Take Care Of Peperomia Plant


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