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Philodendron ‘Prince of Orange’

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The Philodendron ‘Prince of Orange’ gets its name from its uniquely hued leaves, which change color over time.They have light-green foliage with the new leaves opening up in a bright orange color.Its foliage tends to get more coarse with age and its leaves more prominently ribbed. The stiff, dark red leaf stems hold the large leaves upright. New leaves unfurl a vivid orange and change to pale green when mature.

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Height: 1 ft to 1.5 ft as per production.

Pot size: Grown in 6 inch plastic Pot.

Dispatch Details: Plants will be shipped with soil to root ball.

Repotting: Repot the received plant in 7 to 9 inch pot with good soil media.

Soil Media: 30% Potting Soil + 35% cocopit + 25% Organic manure/Vermicompost + 5% charcoal chips + 5% perlite.

Watering: Only after Soil dries completely.

Placement:Indoor in medium to low light with Good natural Air Circulation/Ventilation.

Sunlight: No direct Sunlight

For More Details and Caring go to link below:

How To Care For A Philodendron Houseplants


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