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Scindapsus Pictus Argyraeus (Satin Pothos) Mini

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Scindapsus Pictus Argyraeus ‘Satin Pothos’ has leaves with a higher color contrast because its variegation appears more sparse which is green with silver spots.The velvety, pale green, variegated leaves with flecks of silver make this trailing plant so special to be in your collection.

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Height:4  inch to 6 inch with one shoot as per Production.

Pot size: Grown in 4 inch plastic Pot.

Dispatch Details: Plants will be  shipped potted.

Repotting: Repot the received plant in 6 to 7 inch pot with good soil media and mosstick if possible for better growth

Soil Media: 50 % Potting Soil + 25% cocopit + 15 % Organic manure/Vermicompost + 5 % charcoal chips + 5 % perlite.

Watering: Only after Soil dries completely (dont keep the soil dry or wet for long time).

Placement: Indoor in medium to low light with Good natural Air Circulation / Ventilation.

Sunlight: No direct Sunlight

For More Details and Caring go to link below:

How To Grow & Care Scindapsus Plants?


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